David Mascia Client Testimonials

Dear Mr. Mascia,

I bought a house with the world’s most ugly kitchen. I don’t think it had been updated since the 1970s. Having no design skill and no idea how to go about fixing this atrocious kitchen, I went to this store which sells cabinets for kitchens and bathrooms.

I was introduced to Dave who ended up being my knight in shining armor (for kitchen design, that is). I made it clear to him that I wasn’t looking to break the bank, this particular unit in the house would most likely be the “rental” unit. He understood right away that I wouldn’t be spending a lot of money at this store and his commission probably wouldn’t be fantastic.

Even knowing that, he drove all the way out to my Buffalo home on his own dime and time, looked at my kitchen, took measurements and came back with a whole new design layout with architectural renderings. This cost me absolutely NOTHING. I didn’t even have to buy the cabinets from him – I did ultimately buy them from him (and was very happy with the way they turned out).

In addition, Dave set me up with the contractor who would perform the work. This guy was great and was able to communicate directly with Dave to make sure everything came out as intended.

Absolutely great customer-service, experience and a wide array of products. The store itself is also pretty neat: they have a lot of kitchen and bathroom displays that provide some great ideas

Christina H.