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Single Cabinet Overstock Scratch & Dent

As New York State’s premier distributor of the highest quality cabinets and appliances, Modern Kitchens regularly has first rate merchandise that is being rotated out of showroom displays. Additionally we have a selection of slightly imperfect merchandise, and/or overstocks that we make available to the general public on a first-come, first-served basis!

At any particular time, this merchandise MAY include entire showroom displays, individual cabinets, refrigerators, ranges, wall ovens, cooktops, ventilation, microwave ovens, dishwashers, laundry equipment.

We list as many of those items as possible on these pages, and place this merchandise in the closeout areas of our showrooms, with very significant priced reductions (many below cost!). These items are available on a cash only basis, and are for pick-up at our location.

Further information on these items can be obtained by calling our Order Department at (315)437-1511 or emailing them at:

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Sub-Zero & Wolf Display/Closeout Appliances
Asko/ Best/ Scotsman Appliances
Showroom Display Cabinets & Countertops
Single Cabinet Overstock/Scratch & Dent

***** Special Selection of Closeout *****For those customers within driving distance of our Syracuse warehouse location – we have a selection of closeout Merillat cabinets. Many of these cabinets are brand new, in the box, and consist of over stocked items and new cabinets from recently discontinued door styles. We also have a selection of scratch and dent cabinets at extreme savings! These cabinets are the perfect solution for that garage, workshop, basement, utility room, or kitchenette on a budget! Come in and see for yourself or call our Order Department at (315) 437-1511 to check stock for what you need! *** All cabinets located in Syracuse warehouse unless otherwise noted. Any cabinet can be transferred to the Modern Kitchens of Syracuse, Buffalo or Albany locations. Terms of Sale: * Sold in “As Is” condition * Must be picked up at warehouse dock – no deliveries * Add NYS Sales Tax * Must be paid in full, non-cancellable, non-returnable before display will be taken down and packed for pick up
Wood-Mode Hancock Cherry Matte Java * HAS DOUBLE WINE RACK AND SHELVES List Price - $2,600.00 Closeout Price - $650.00
Kitchen Kompact Glenwood 30Y List Price - $180.00 Closeout Price - $75.00
Kitchen Kompact Glenwood 15B List Price - $175.00 Closeout Price - $85.00
Masterpiece Martel Maple Translucent Monument W4230 List Price - $650.00 Closeout Price - $200.00
Masterpiece Knoxville Evercore Dove White WOC3330 7" Deep (2) List Price - $1,100.00 Closeout Price - $250.00 pair
Masterpiece Knoxville Evercore Dove White WOC3330 12" Deep (2) List Price - $1,100.00 Closeout Price - $250.00 pair
Masterpiece Martel Evercore Warm White WA2739L List Price - $550.00 Closeout Price - $75.00
Masterpiece Gannon Evercore Moonshine WHVD3021 (WALL HUNG VANITY) List Price - $1,403.20 Closeout Price - $550.00
Masterpiece Floating shelf pair Maple Cnvas FLS3612 List Price - $368.20 Closeout Price - $220.00
Merillat Rowan Maple Shale BD18-4D18 List Price - $1154.20 Closeout Price - $550.00
Wood-Mode Hancock Nordic White List Price - $2,700.00 Closeout Price - $425.00
Merillat Rowan Maple Shale BD18-4D18 List Price - $1154.20 Closeout Price - $550.00
Merillat Bayville Maple Dusk VD123518 (PAIR) List Price - $942.20 Closeout Price - $100.00
Merillat Rowan Maple Shale BD18-4D18 List Price - $1154.20 Closeout Price - $550.00
Brookhaven Sausalito Quarter Saw Oak B3042-09 List Price - $2,389.00 Closeout Price - $1,200.00
Merillat Cotton Maple WL1530 List Price - $550.00 Closeout Price - $240.00
Kitchen Kompact Chadwood 30R List Price - $192.00 Closeout Price - $75.00
Kitchen Kompact Glenwood 18D List Price - $334.00 Closeout Price - $100.00
Merillat Tolani Maple Dusk VCD3633DL List Price - $960.00 Closeout Price - $600.00
Merillat Tolani Maple Dusk U159024L, TF3-90 List Price - $1,037.00 Closeout Price - $600.00
Merillat Colony Cinnamon B18LHDS & W1830 Located in MKB List Price - $325 Closeout Price - $50.00 SOLD AS PAIR
Merillat Lanielle Whisper Maple Dusk B12RHDS & B12LHDS Located in MKB List Price - $445.00 Closeout Price - $75.00 SOLD AS PAIR
Merillat VHR018 List Price - $256.00 Closeout Price - $150.00
Merillat Cabinet Seneca Ridge Maple Sable Ebony Accent W153615 List Price – $469.00 Closeout Price – $50.00
Brand New Set of Brookhaven II CabinetsAndover Raised Door Style, Sandstone Dark Glaze on Maple.This set of brand new cabinets and accessories includes:2 – Corbels (decorative hand carved pieces)1 – W3318-24 Wall cabinet 33″ wide x 18″ high x 24″ deep1 – W1236-l Wall cabinet 12″ wide x 36″ high2 – Wall fillers with returns, to be used with corbels, 6″ wide x 12″ high x 13″ deep1 – Wood hood (will require blower and metal liner) 42″ wide x 24″ high1 – Corner sink base with 45 degree angled front (requires 36″ of space in corner, left and right)1 – Panel with 4 decorative inserts that match cabinet door style, 76″ wide x 40 1/2″ high1 – Panel with 2 decorative inserts that match cabinet door style, 31 1/4″” wide x 40 1/2″ high1 – Valance 43″ wide x 6″ high with slight arch2 – Base fillers 3″ wideAdditional matching cabinets may be purchased from any authorized Wood-Mode/Brookhaven dealer at normal cost.Will be sold as a package only! List price for package – $5,645.00 Closeout Price – $350.00